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Water and Health


Growing up, I thought drinking lots of soda and tea would keep me hydrated. For a moment, my body would feel great and I would leave it at that. I got a change of heart after a talk with my doctor. My lips were cracking and bleeding despite my heavy fluid intake. Applying lip gloss or lip ointments did me no good. He went on to explain that all those fluids are far from plain water. He enlightened me on how water was necessary in my body.

Here are some of the health benefits of drinking water

  • Preventing Kidney Stones the kidney receives all types of salts for excretion. Without water, they solidify and cause kidney malfunction. A kidney stones patient will experience lots of pain and the treatment is very expensive. The water you drink acts as a solvent for these salts. They are then washed out of the body as urine. If you have low water levels, your urine will have a dark color, for someone who takes water frequently, their urine will be clear.
  • Adequate Digestion and Ejection Drinking water gives your body easy food breakdown and boosts your metabolism. It also creates smooth movement of food in your alimentary canal. Your colon will drain your waste of water to hydrate itself. If you do not take enough water, you will suffer constipation. Drink more water and have an easier time with ejection.
  • Weight loss Taking water before a meal will suppress your appetite, thus you eat less. It also helps rid of fat cells in your body. In addition to that it aids faster fat breakdown.
  • Relieving Fatigue, headaches and Migraines your blood is mainly composed of water. When you are dehydrated, very many body functions suffer you get less oxygen supply to major organs. Your muscles work on anaerobic respiration. When your drink water, it is directly absorbed in the stomach and pumped into your blood. Researchers have proved that drinking water is an immediate relieve for fatigues and headaches.
  • Skin Care Without water, you will experience cracking of skins. Also, your skin turns pale. The best remedy is water. It keeps your skin moist to avoid cracks. The water you sweat off gives your skin a lively glow. It also helps wash off fats and oils that might bring about pimples on your skin. The health benefits of water are infinite. Drinking two liters of water in a day will get you on track. You might experience frequent urges to visit the bathroom but your body will adjust. Drink more water and stay healthy.

Essential Health Tips


It is important for full bodily function to get proper rest at night, and to establish a normal and habitual bedtime routine. Without proper sleep habits, the body wears down and functions abnormally, leading to stress and health issues associated with insomnia. Eat a well balanced diet low in fats, starches, refined sugars, and heavy carbohydrates. Make sure to consume moderate amounts of fruits and vegetables that provide vital nutrients.

Limit your intakes of caffeine and energy boosting drinks and supplements that are very popular in modern times, studies have recently shown a increased risk of heart problems associated with high consumption of these energy drinks. It is essential to exercise regularly, up to three times a week, with low impact regimens being suitable for the elderly and disabled. Normally active adults can take up more strenuous activity as is tolerable, with running, jogging, biking, and aerobic workouts being great for the cardiovascular system. High impact sports and exercise routines should be done with a trainer and if needed, a fitness partner, to decrease the risks of possible injury, and to ensure they are practiced safely and correctly.

It is especially important to take vitamins every day, as a preventative step towards maintaining optimal health of the organs , nervous system, brain, and circulatory systems, as well as boosting immunity to infectious disease, and seasonal viruses and infections. Herbal remedies and supplements are gaining popularity, and most of these on the market are deemed safe to use, based on a standardized dose. Drinking 64 ounces of fluid a day of clear liquids such as water, green tea, and fruit and vegetable juices, as these selections will keep the kidneys and bladder healthy and functioning correctly. Avoid highly sweetened sodas and pop drinks, and limit intake of alcoholic beverages as they are severely damaging and ruin the liver kidneys over time.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct strong sunlight in the warmer months of spring and summer, to decrease the risk of sunburn, and risk of heat stroke. Please be sure to apply sunscreen regularly when outdoors, and cover your skin with moderate layers of protective clothing, and add a hat or scarf to cover your face and neck, to prevent the risk of excessive sunlight. In winter, be sure to wear appropriate outdoor clothing to minimize the risk of frostbite and hypothermia , which can occur in minutes, in extreme cold conditions.